Monday, April 21, 2014

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Time Zone Map is important tool for Speakers

Call me old fashioned, but there are times when I need to know when to call, or be on a webinar (either as a student, speaker, or both) and I need to know what zone the meeting is and then translate it to my time zone- and I want something tangible; like a printed poster on my wall!

Here are a couple of tools that I use.

First, I've gone to my favorite search engine and used the key word phrase: "time zones usa", then I clicked on images and chose this one:
I clicked on the image which brought be to the larger image that I right clicked and "copied" and then pasted in a word document. I then printed the word document out and posted by my desk. There; now I have it handy for booking my own speaking engagements and knowing at what times I'm supposed to be somewhere!

The image is from the site and they have some other great tools as well. I recommend that you check it out. There are others out there, but I like this one and have bookmarked it on my favorites bar.

OK, now I'm back to booking a few more events.

Make it a great day!
Ter Scott! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Ter Scott's Instant Public Speaker Post Goes VIRAL!

Why so many readers? If you haven’t read it you owe it to yourself to do so; I’ll think you’ll find it interesting and you might find out how your listening skills can be enhanced making you a better listener and a better person (and an “Instant Public Speaker”).

Friday, January 3, 2014

Be an "Instant Speaker" in Twelve Months (or less).

Whatever you do, whoever you are, you probably want to get more from your life, your career, etc. I’ve put together a book that show you how you can turn your life around within twelve months. People want instant fixes but we must remember that we didn’t get into our present situation “instantly” it took some time to get where we are with the good and the not so good. Get my book, create your own reflection and projection holiday and put it on your calendar. Give yourself twelve months time to see results. As the old commercial stated, “Try it, you’ll like it”. It’s only $4.99 (priced this low for a limited time; no, really. The price goes up soon).

Tony Robbins says that by the 15th of January most people have quit their resolution, that is why he one of his passions is to help people 365 days a year. And, that's why I just published my Kindle book: Attainment Revelation Celebration. It explains how you can create your own holiday in which you create a list of wishes, set them aside for twelve months, when you come back to them on your personal holiday to reflect and project; and repeat the process for another year. Plus, you can start this at any time; not just at the beginning of the year!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ter Scott comments on Donald Trump's views on Public Speaking

Donald Trump has much to say about “How to Get Rich” and this is the title of the book from which I comment about his views on public speaking (you can choose to enjoy it from the display here at the left). And, he also offers much about “How to be a Public Speaker” within its pages, which is certainly one of the skills that can help to propel people into prosperity. I’m not a billionaire like this author (at least in the financial sense; yet) but I do know a thing or two about public speaking. You will find in my conversation here with you and in subsequent entries that I agree with most all of what “The Donald” espouses about speaking but I will share my views; from my perspective using his comments as a springboard and perhaps make this author even a bit more rich by selling a few more of his books by promoting it here.

I’m sure I’m doing my readers a great service by revisiting this book because I’m highlighting a “get rich text” that is now over 10 years old. But that’s what is great about the wisdom, knowledge and principles in books like “How to Get Rich”; they are timeless. So, listen to what I can offer about Donald’s words, about speaking from the perspective of one who speaks many times a year, trains others, and writes about the topic of speaking, and buy the book from me (so I can make a few cents; which won’t make me “rich” probably but will support my blog) and read what Trump tells us about public speaking, and about how to get rich!

Donald Trump is an “Instant Public Speaker”

In Trump’s pages of the book he tells us of a time, because of his busy schedule when was “not prepared” to speak to 20,000 of Tony Robbins’ audience members. I’ve been there; I fill up my life with so many events that they sometimes happen in rapid fire motion. I put things on calendar and it all gets done; period. So Donald was on his way to the function, wrote a few notes down as to what he would speak about and as he put it: “I was ready. I suddenly had a gut feeling that we were all in for a great time. … I hopped out (of the limousine), ready to embrace the experience”.

You’ll have to read the book to appreciate the humorous conversation between Trump’s  surprised driver, Tony, who was amazed at this one who (in his words) would in just a few minutes “give more than a speech” to so many without having spent hours of preparation. To be an “Instant Public Speaker”, do what “The Donald” did, draw on your past experiences, and engage the audience; embrace the experience!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visualize to Realize doing a great job at your next talk.

THURSDAY Public Speaking Tip by The “UnSpeaker”, Ter Scott!
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Visualizing doing a great job at the lectern is a necessary part of preparation; and to do so effectively to see the results, you must expect it to be so. That is why I say we should “visualize to realize”. What we visualize does become reality when we believe it becomes reality. (Actually many things can become reality with little expectation on our part, but I will leave that for another article).  Later I will talk about how we should expect great things and when minor unexpected, errors or problems such as nervousness or lack of proper gestures or forgetting something happens in our elocution, we don’t “play this up” or apologize. (Remember the audience does not hold a script in their hands knowing what you should be saying or doing; they may never notice it!).

When you have your speech organized on paper or in a word document, you’ve practiced it in your head, you’ve recorded it, listened to it, modified it, and physically practiced it at the lectern many times and finally “know” it, now you need to visualize yourself at the lectern presenting it. You can do this anytime that you have a few free moments or the actual amount of time for the length of your speech to run through the entire presentation.

To visualize, you will not be at the lectern physically, but you sit or lie down in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. Get comfortable without distractions and closing your eyes, take a few relaxing breaths and when ready, you will “see”, in your mind’s eye of your imagination, you in the room. You will soon be doing “all” of the steps; all of your physical “steps” from walking to the lectern after hearing your introduction by the MC and hearing the applause by the audience. You will be “there” in time and in tune with the moment simply by seeing yourself there, in the moment.

First see yourself where you will be just before delivering your presentation. Will you be sitting with the audience, or standing “off stage” waiting to hear your name called. See yourself at that physical place standing or sitting. If standing, see the curtain, the stage, and the person introducing you. See the audience eagerly waiting for your words of wisdom, wanting to experience your entertaining personality, willing to take your information into their lives and make it better.

But visualizing is more than just sight. You must experience it with all of your five senses. Hear your introduction, hear the audience clapping. Smell the musty fragrance of the curtain or the aromas wafting from the kitchen from the dinner which follows your speech. Smell the fragrance of your cologne. Feel your feet within your shoes standing on the hard tiled floor, tap your foot and hear its sharp, crisp sound. Feel your ring on your finger and hear your voice audibly quietly assuring yourself that you will do a great job and that you love your audience and they love you. Finally taste the cold drink of water you always carry with you to refresh your throat which washes away the taste of the slight flavor of mint left which still lingers on your tongue.

Elsewhere I speak about knowing the room and the environment where you’ll speak. Please note that there may not be a musty curtain, you may not be speaking at a dinner engagement and the floor that you stand upon is carpeted; not tiled. That’s OK; you are visualizing what it could be.  However, the more factual you are about the surroundings and environment, the better you can visualize.

TER’S TIP: You may want to have a “ritual” (I strongly suggest it) that you always do so prior to your speaking, so something is always real, that you can depend. For instance, your ritual could be that you always do three things prior to each speech: enjoy a breath mint, a cool drink from a water bottle, and turn the ring on your finger while telling yourself that you’ll do a great job, that you love your audience and that they love you. Then when you visualize this, then when you actually start your presentation by actually doing these three things, your subconscious is well on its way to moving forward in bringing you the exact results desired!

Now that you are “there”, with all of your senses, you visualize (with all five senses) yourself walking to the lectern, and then delivering your presentation. You go through each detail of your speech; as many as you can, from your greeting and introduction while hearing the laughter you evoked by the quip in your intro to get attention, through each of your three points; while you “play off” the feedback of the looks and body language by your listeners. You see the tears by some in the audience as you state your summary and conclusion and a few remaining chuckles from some before finally hearing the applause start, quietly at first and then getting louder. You see people start to stand, one by one and then others as the entire room of people stand cheering and clapping wildly.

Now, how was that? You exhale triumphantly. You open your eyes, and verbally congratulate yourself for a stupendous job. You know now that you’ll do the same and experience the same in reality.

Do your visualization rehearsal several times prior to physically presenting your speech; it doesn’t matter how many times you do it, just be sure that you visualize all “good” when you do so. If you have “trouble spots” when you physically practice your presentation see them corrected and without flaws in your visualization. Many professional speakers present the same material again and again to different audiences. Visualization improves here too. Doing the same presentation can often cause complacency in delivery. Do a checkup and add excitement to any oral communication by visualizing it first; our audiences deserve the best.

Remember, practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. Perfect practice can be achieved by visualizing your presentations. Yes, I’ve played it up a bit in the example above but you can too, and you should. Be in the moment, and “make” the moment the way you want by visualizing. Visualize to realize!
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