Sunday, August 28, 2016

Public Speakers save money on everything they purchase with this...

Speak to Persuade, or "Influence"?

The secret to becoming an “Instant Public Speaker” is simply to add “you” in your presentations; your likes, dislikes, interests, stories, etc. This make you relatable. Some of your speeches will be informational but more and more, much of our speeches are entirely or in part having to do with persuasion. Also off the podium we communicate to influence; face to face and with social media. But are we getting the “influence” we want?

John Corcoran shares real practical ways to “influence the influencers” in this article.

Hi, I’m John Corcoran, I’m a former White House Writer, attorney-entrepreneur, and contributor for Forbes, Entrepreneur and Business Insider.
Let me ask you a couple of questions.
·         Do you HATE going to boring networking events?
·         Do you struggle to attract clients and grow your revenues – and at the same time, struggle to build relationships with the higher-level VIPs and Influencers in your industry?
·         Do you ever feel like everyone else has high level VIP connections in your field (connections that help them get ahead) while you don’t?

I know how to build relationships with the right people.
After my father got laid off when I was 13 years old, it lit a fire under me. It inspired me to study successful people to figure out what made them “tick.”
During my teenage years, I devoured biographies and autobiographies… about Presidents… Actors… Athletes… Market-leading Entrepreneurs.
What I found was that successful people – particularly seasoned entrepreneurs – all did a great job of (a) identifying who were the influencers in their field who they should build relationships with, and (2) going out and building those relationships.
They ALL knew how to identify with precision WHO they needed to develop relationships with, and then they followed through on it.
Those relationships were always a big factor in each of their successes.
So I applied that to my life. I started focusing in on building key relationships with the right influencers and VIPs who could help me land amazing opportunities.
And by my late teens, I started seeing huge results.
After I spent a semester during college as a White House intern in the speechwriting office, I returned to college with my sights set on coming back as a writer. Even though the White House takes thousands of interns per year, few of those interns end up getting hired.
But I knew who my influencers were: the speechwriters.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Win Professional Speaking System. Profit from Speaking Today.

Read here how you can win Tom Antion's Wake 'em Up PROFESSIONAL SPEAKING System.

I have a very special announcement that I hope every reader will tell all of their speaking friends. I want to introduce you to one of the reasons I'm a public speaker today and his name is Tom Antion. He is offering a contest to give some lucky person his complete speaking course but what I like about it is that everyone wins something just for registering.

Tom is the real deal and if anyone is a professional speaker knows of and has probably been helped by Tom in some way. I'm not surprised that Tom is giving something to everyone because that's how he is; always giving more value. His materials are like that too; packed with more valuable and practical stuff that you can immediately use. So, if you don't win one of the larger prizes, I recommend that you purchase some of them.

So I'm very glad not to only tell you about Tom's contest but to also take this opportunity to introduce you to the man, if you've not yet met him!

So here's the deal. 

My friend and longtime speaking mentor, Mr. Tom Antion is conducting a contest for the next 3 days only where everyone wins something and you can have a chance to win his huge speaking course (the best in the industry in my opinion) with even 3 one on one coaching sessions with him.

He has allowed me to share this with my readers too. So if you want to be included just visit my page and let me know you want to be in Tom’s contest. I will enter you and you’ll also get a link from Tom to confirm your registration.

I owe much of my success to what I learned from Tom and he’s kind of my “secret” because by knowing his materials I gained an edge over other speakers in my field and has helped me gain bookings I probably would never been able to get without knowing his tips.

So CLICK HERE to go to my “general” contact page and then be sure to state that you want in on Tom’s contest. I’ll enter your name and you’ll get an email from Tom.

Good luck! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Answers from the Cosmos: How many people does it take to change

Change yourself, and you can change the world! - Ter Scott! It's Sunday, and the start of a great new week. Answers from the Cosmos: How many people does it take to change: … a life?  One, but he or she really needs to want to change. Change your own life, Then others will change. A.K. Cosmos ...

Friday, February 12, 2016

Make Money This Week as an SEO Freelance Writer

I have a special guest today who will share how she writes articles and gets paid weekly from new clients. If you are a public speaker you probably do some writing or you should to get your name "out there" and your writing clients can become your speaking clients. Either way, writing can add extra income for you. 

My guest is Freelance Writer Yuwanda Black who has been doing this since 1993. I'll let her take it from here. 

Are you looking for work right now? Do you want an easy way to make money from home that is real -- no bull, no fluff, just the facts, please? Then do I have a real career opportunity for you! After learning the details, you can literally be bringing in clients within days or weeks. I've had freelancers tell me that they landed clients within hours!Read on for how and why. 

Everything You Read Here is From My Own Personal Experience -- Backed Up by Testimonials from Others
I'm not guessing, I'm giving you actual facts -- and others have had the same results. I've been a freelance writer since 1993 (read more on my background below) -- and I've never made such easy money as this type of writing. Hold on to your seat because if you've always wanted to work as a freelance writer, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The more you read, the more excited you'll be to start.

These are all SEO article writing jobs (aka SEO content writing).
The content tends to be short, sweet and easy to write; and you can charge $25-$50 per article/blog post, or more. More about pricing later. Imagine writing 5-10 of these a day? I've written as many as 27-- yes, 27 in one day. I was dog tired (and don't recommend it), but it was worth it.
I don't blame you if you don't believe me -- yet. I couldn't either when I first started writing SEO content. But, read on for more. You'll soon start to understand why it IS just that simple.
Now, let me explain why this particular type of writing -- SEO CONTENT WRITING -- is so popular and easy to get.
What is SEO Content Writing?
First, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. SEO content (aka articles, web copy, blog posts) is copy that is written specifically to drive traffic to a website and/or blog. When I first started in 2007, it was called by the names above. I'd say in/around 2011/2012, many started calling this form of writing content marketing. So nowadays, while you'll still see job ads for SEO writers, you may also see these professionals referred to as "Content Writers," or "Content Providers." Following is an example for illustrative purposes.


In short, social media has created a need for writers who know the intricacies of writing for the web. And it's because that's how consumers shop, find out about products, and interact these days. I said to a friend recently, we've moved from talking to friends and family on land lines; to using cell phones; to emailing; to now, staying in touch via social media (eg, Facebook). Businesses go where their consumers are. And these days, it means being on social media. Proof?

Arecent Business Insider article put it this way: "Ad dollars follow eyeballs, and these days they are on social. ... data from BI Intelligence finds that US social-media ad spend will top $8.5 billion this year and reach nearly $14 billion in 2018, up from just $6.1 billion in 2013." [Source:, THE SOCIAL-MEDIA ADVERTISING REPORT: Growth Forecasts, Market Trends, And The Rise Of Mobile]

She offers a great eBook, you can get the details CLICK HERE


In this ebook, I detail how I went from 0 clients to 4 paid projects in less than one week writing SEO articles.
And, I'm not the only one who has experienced this kind of success. Below are actual testimonials of others who have experienced the same kind of results when they read this ebook and implemented the plan I outline. And, they've done it in the same amount of time it took me. One is a college student who landed 4 clients just a few days after buying the ebook -- and went on to quit his job waiting tables soon thereafter.
If you want to start making money from home and build a thriving business as a freelance SEO writer, this ebook is for you. It gives you everything you need to get started -- right away!

As you can see, SEO writing is very lucrative -- and it's relatively easy to get -- if you know how to market for it. In this ebook, I detail exactly how I get clients and why, after being a freelance writer since 1993, it is now my most lucrative niche.

Thanks Yuwanda. For my readers who would like more information, CLICK HERE

Until next time, 

Make it a great day! 
Ter Scott 

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are you making 6 figures? Watch this:

The speaking profession has taken a hit in the past several years; just like many professions. Travel, downsizing, etc. has played a role in decreasing the number of bookings available today. We also look for public speakers to join our team. Check this out as a public speaking position and as a possible side income for you. 

These are sobering questions but you can be prepared. Learn from someone who went through this.
Are you making 6 figures? Watch this:
If you are currently making a 6 figure income, you need to watch this 15 minute overview by someone who was, lost it, and gained it back plus a whole lot more, with time and freedom to actually enjoy it.
Not making 6 figures or made 6 figures and lost it? Watch this:
Register for this revealing webinar which is only 15 minutes and only presented on Wednesdays and… IT MAY BE DELETED ANY WEEK NOW!

The person hosting the webinar was making a 6 figure income before doing this. So why did he make the change? Well, because if you don’t know this, there is no such thing as a “secure” job. Even though he was very good at what he did, he was laid off, downsized or whatever term you want to call it these days but the fact is, he was let go. He now had to immediately do something (like “yesterday”) to make ends meet. I won’t go into his story here but you can probably imagine what it would be like “falling” from 6 figures to zero funds; not good!